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Why Choose Us?

Why has my dentist referred me to you?

Your dentist might refer you to a specialist as your case could be more complex and a diagnosis may not be able to be made in a general practice as they may not have the expertise and access to specialist’s equipment such as microscopes.

UKDS take pride in being able to offer a range of dental specialists which include:

  • Orthodontist – This is a dentist who specialises in straightening teeth using different types of braces and correcting the way our jaw closes together
  • Endodontist – This is a dentist who specialises in root canal treatment
  • Periodontists – A dentist who specialises in gum disease
  • Prosthodontist – A dentist who specialises in restoring teeth for functional and cosmetic
  • reasons (Crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures, implant restorations, teeth whitening treatment)
  • Dental implant surgeon – They replace missing teeth using titanium screws known as dental
  • implants, which are carefully placed into the jaw and a crown placed on top
  • Oral surgeon – They are experts at extracting teeth which your general dentist may not be comfortable with, for example wisdom teeth. They can also take biopsies of lesions which your dentist may want to be tested.

Sedation can also be arranged for your dental treatment if you are apprehensive.


What makes our practice different?

Chiswell green dental centre is a referral practice which provides an unmatchable service, as a patient under our care you are treated by the best specialists in their field. As a practice, we take pride that if we are not winning awards in ‘Best young dentist’ ‘Best referral practice’ and ‘Whatclinic awards for customer service’, we are judging them.  Our team work to ensure the patient is our priority.


What can I expect at my first visit?

Your initial appointment will be arranged to discuss your concerns and needs, this may include a dental examination, x-rays and photographs, a proposed treatment plan including costs and a detailed written report.

After this appointment, if you have any further queries you can contact one of our patient care advisors.

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